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Name Love Recipe
Release Date Saturday, May 5, 2012
About Movie Love Recipe is a fresh comic caper filled with vibrant characters led by the pair of Rahul and Tia. Rahul a DJ by profession is of the opinion that Hindustaniyat is not about clothes or language and that it has to come straight from the heart. Wearing jeans and tee-shirts will not make him less Hindustani than anybody else. So Tia's father Pratap Singh's strange obsession with Hindustaniyat makes Rahul a total misfit in Pratap Singh's scheme of things. But A news which announces the reward of 50 crore rupees on an international terrorist named Carlos Randall's head is going to change their love story for good. Meanwhile Carlos, the international terrorist is being briefed by Music Ali, a freaky terrorist leader immersed in old Hindi film songs. The plan is to blast a peace conference happening in Mumbai ten days from now. He sets out on his mission giving rise to another hilarious track. In a freaky incident Carlos en route his mission gets his head severed and the severed head ...
Genre Comedy
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Love Recipe

Rani Agrawal
as Tiya
Frank M. Ahearn
Frank M. Ahearn
as Mr. Badass

Manoj Joshi (I)
as Pratap Singh
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