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Name Mirsad Solakovic
Biography Mirsad Solakovic is from Bosnia, EX Yugoslavia little town called Kozarac. When the war broke out in 1992 he fled out with his family; mum, dad, brother, sister and they all came over to England, he was only thirteen years old at the time. Mirsad comes from a very successful family and he lost a lot of close family members in the war including famous Body Builder in the name of: Fikret Hodzic, the family received a condolence letter from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mirsad was torched and tormented by his school teacher and he has spoken on various media including; Sky News, World News, BBC News, BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio News. At such a young age he developed an interest in acting, as he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Acting helped him to overcome his nightmares and flash backs. The beginning of Mirsad's acting career was linked to Bosnian war and he played many roles where he was a victim of a war or a soldier. He was awarded BA (HONS) Degree in Theatre Studies and Professional Practise, than he trained at Birmingham School of Acting Specialise in Acting. In 2013 Mirsad appeared for the first time in a Bosnian film playing a native Northerner in a film: Ja sam iz Krajine zemlje kestena, heroic character called Mujo Hrnjica. Most recent work that he was noticed for was in a Bollywood film called: Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 that was released in cinemas on 1st June2013 playing Man in Black. His recent TV series appearance in 2013 called; Team Panache and The Tony Hudson Celebrity XI gave him a lot of credit on a British TV.
Nick Name Solak Miki
Movies of Mirsad Solakovic

Yamla Pagla Deewana 2
as Man In Black
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