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Name Mr Ya Miss
Release Date Friday, December 2, 2005
About Movie Wealthy Gujarati-speaking Sanjay Patel is a self-styled Indian Casanova, who believes in dating and flirting with a wide assortment of young women, and breaking their hearts. He works as an Executive in an Advertisement Firm and is very friendly with a male co-worker, Shekhar, who is exactly Sanjay's opposite when it comes to females. Sanjay flirtatious actions land him in trouble with three women, Loveleen Kapoor, Seema and Rita, he is attacked and is killed. He appears before Bhagwan Shivji and Devi Maa Parvati and he pleads with them to let him return, he is asked to mend his ways before the next Shivratri, and is permitted to return. The next day Sanjay treats this as a bad dream and sets about his usual way. This does not auger well with Parvati and she recommends to Shivji that Sanjay's gender be changed to female in order to enable him to understand and appreciate the fairer sex. The transformation takes place and Sanjay, much to his horror, is transformed to a female. He sets ...
Genre Comedy
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Mr Ya Miss

Ritesh Deshmukh
as Shekhar
Divya Dutta
Divya Dutta
as Loveleen Kapoor

Varsha Usgaonkar
as Devi Maa Parvati
Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma
as producer
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