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Bollywood too says Anna Hazare sir Zindabad..
Many bollywood stars are in favour of Anna Hazare Sir and are repeatedly saying this to the media. Many of them even went to the "I am Anna" campaigns and procession.In the meanwhile media has spotted Shilpa Shetty Azad Maidan, who had been there a
Why should anyone know whats happening in my bedroom
Ujwala Raut, supermodel is now back in mumbai with her 5 years daughter. Her status has now moved on to single after the divorce with New-york based model Craig Maxwell Sterry. She says that "I am now single and happy, past experiences has tought me
Salman Khan Says Go Green while you go Stronger.
Two movie shoots at once gives less time to the actors for their daily exercises. So Salman Khan has now learnt a new way of time management. He says Go green by riding his cycle all way from one shooting spot to another.Yes this hot actor has been s
Problems in co-hosting of BIGG BOSS 5 with Sallu and Sanju
After Salman's spat with Sanjay at Maanyata's birthday bash is having repercussions on the realty show, Bigg Boss 5, which the two are supposed to co-host for the initial few episodes.Reportedly, the altercation was triggered when Salman learnt tha
The New Funda for promotion of Bodyguard..... !!
The makers of ‘Bodyguard’, have adopted a unique way to promote their film.   While on their promotional tour, any local can opt to become the bodyguard for both Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor, separately, for a day, in every city
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