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Name Nick Nicolaou (I)
Biography Nick Nicolaou has been working in the film & television industry for over 25 years and is co-founder of Genre Pictures, a creative and cutting edge production company. He has written seven feature film scripts, which are all in various stages of development. He has produced and directed short films and trailers, that have been at the forefront of Genre Pictures business and artistic growth. Nick is also a founder of Make-up Effects Group, with fellow director Paul Katte - which is one of the leading make-up effects facilities in the world. Some of his film credits include, Redd Inc., Needle, Laundry Warrior, 2:37, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Silk, Candy, Feed, Man Thing, The Matrix Trilogy, Double Vision, Cut, Two Hands, The Island of Dr Moreau and Babe.
Movies of Nick Nicolaou (I)

Heyy Babyy
as special makeup effects supervisor
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