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Name One Two Three
Release Date Friday, March 28, 2008
About Movie Laxminarayan lives a poor lifestyle in Mumbai along with his widowed mother, Kanta, who wants him to be a successful gangster like Batlabhai, and would like him to kill a few people, make enough money, then get married to Khujli's daughter, Meena. In order to fulfill his mother's wish, Laxminarayan accepts a contract to kill D'Mello Yadav, a Pondi-based gangster, who has stolen a diamond from Batla. Then there is Laxminarayan, the detailed and obedient Secretary of D.M. Pipat, who wants him to buy a vintage car from a Pondi-based used car dealer, Laila. Finally, there is the third Laxminarayan, who sells undergarments and runs a business 'Bulbul Lingerie' along with his son, Sonu, who decides to travel to Pondi to meet with his new supplier, Jiya. The trio all arrive and book rooms next to each other in Blue Diamond Hotel. Their respective lives will be hilariously turned upside down when Pipat's assistant will be mistaken for Kanta's son, and taken hostage by Yadav and his men; while...
Genre Action, Comedy, Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of One Two Three

Neetu Chandra
as Inspector Mayawati Chautala

Esha Deol
as Jiya

Tusshar Kapoor
as Laxminarayan #1

Upen Patel (I)
as Chandu

Sameera Reddy
as Laila

Sunil Shetty (I)
as Laxminarayan #2

Sunil Lulla
as co-producer

Abhishek Pathak
as second assistant director
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