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Name Parashuram: One Man Army
Release Date Friday, March 17, 2006
About Movie Unemployment, corruption, and crime are rampant in modern day India. To add to these, hundreds of young men are now being reported missing by their parents. The Police have no clue as to the whereabouts of these men, but unknown to them, these men are being recruited by an international terrorist named Akash. ACP Parashuram Singh is assigned to apprehend Akash and bring him to justice. He befriends a restaurant waiter, Shiva, and permits him to live with him. Then a petty thief, Meena, finds out about Akash and reveals his plans to Parashuram. Since Meena's life is in danger, he places her in the care of his girlfriend, Anjali, only to find out that Shiva is Akash's spy. When Akash's men attempt to kill Meena, they are interrupted by Parashuram, who also manages to convince Shiva to rat on Akash, which he does. The Police entrap Akash in a village field, but Akash manages to escape. Shortly thereafter, Akash's bullet-ridden body is found. The Police are all set to close this case, ...
Genre Action
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Parashuram: One Man Army

A.R. Rahman
as (as A.R. Rehman)
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