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Name Peter Breiner
Biography Peter Breiner, one of the world's most recorded musicians began to play the piano at age four. At age nine he began formal training at the Conservatory in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, studying piano, percussion, and composition as well as conducting. Peter later moved to Bratislava where he furthered his composition studies with Prof. Alexander Moyzes. He graduated in 1982 at the Masters Degree level. Since that time he has pursued a career as a multi-faceted artist (composer, conductor, arranger and pianist). Since March 1992, Peter has lived in Toronto, Canada. Peter has played in and conducted for literally hundreds of concerts and recordings. His work is well known in USA, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Holland, France, Finland, Italy, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong. He is proficient in seven languages. He has hosted various TV and radio programs about music. In 1993, he was a co-host and music director of the most popular TV talk-show in Slovakia, attracting over 2 million viewers in a country with a population of 5,5 million. Also active as a journalist. One of Peter's favorite challenges is to play and conduct simultaneously. He does this with everything from Haydn and Mozart piano concertos to Gershwin and his own compositions. His arrangements of both "evergreen" and current pop hits are hugely successful with audiences. His archives include about 500 such arrangements. He has toured Asia a number of times, including playing Gershwin's Rhapsody with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for an audience of 70,000. In August 1997 it was his eighth tour, this time with Orchestre National de Lille, France, playing and conducting works by Brahms, Schubert and Tchaikowsky. Nearly all of Peter's compositions and arrangements have been recorded by various recording companies, as well as enjoying exposure through radio and television. His compositions and arrangements have been played in concerts worldwide. Films that include his musical scores have enjoyed very wide international exposure. Peter Breiner is founder and president of Sympho Fun Incorporated, a Canadian company involved in recording classical and film music.
Height 5' 10' (1.78 m)
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