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Name Pinjar
Release Date Friday, January 17, 2003
About Movie Hindustan (Urdu name for India) used to a vast territory and countries' like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangla Desh, and Bhutan were all it's provinces. All this changed when the British established their rule over India, and promoted their policy of hatred, and division - mainly between the Hindus and the Muslims. After their departure in 1947, the celebrations of a independent India were short-lived, and the divisions created by the British stayed on and flourished with extremists from both sides ready to kill anyone from the other side. While the Muslims under Jinnah wanted a separate country, which they would like to call Pakistan, the Hindus wanted the Muslims to leave this country and go to Pakistan. Clashes followed, millions fled, millions more were killed, Very little is known of mankind's heinous behavior in this circumstances, such as looting, raping, and kidnapping. Lajjo was one such woman who was recently married to Ramchand, and then abducted by a man named Rashid, who...
Genre Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Pinjar

Urmila Matondkar
as Puro / Hamida
Isha Koppikar
Isha Koppikar
as Rajjo
Farida Jalal
Farida Jalal
as Mrs. Shyamlal
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