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Name Ra.One
Release Date Thursday, January 1, 1970
About Movie Originally from India, Tamil-speaking Shekar Subramaniam lives a middle-classed life abroad along with his wife, Sonia, and a school-going son, Prateek. While Sonia is busy writing a book on converting all female-related expletives to male, her husband is employed with Barron Industries, where the owner insists his staff come up with a plan to launch the ultimate video game or else he will change his organization to a restaurant and hire them as waiters. Hoping to create a super-hero, Shekhar instead faces criticism from Prateek - who hopes to instead see a kick-ass villain. This conversation does change Shekhar's thinking and he sets about to create an indestructible villain, calls him (pronounced as in Lankeshwar Ravan) and its arch-enemy G.One (Jeevan). Prateek will have to regret passing on this idea on to his father - for soon their lives will be shattered when the shape-shifting Ra.One will find a way to enter the real world, kill Shekhar, possess the body of the latter's...
Genre Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Ra.One

Kanika Dhillon
as (dialogue)

Kanika Dhillon
as (screenplay)

Shah Rukh Khan
as (screenplay)

Arjun Rampal
as Ra.One

Shah Rukh Khan
as Shekhar Subramaniam / G.One

Kareena Kapoor
as Sonia S. Subramanium

Shahana Goswami
as Jenny Nayar

Priyanka Chopra
as The Desi Girl / Damsel in Distress

Sanjay Dutt
as Khalnayak

Rajnikanth (I)
as Chitti

Joe Egan (V)
as The Daddy

Nathanjohn Carter
as Male Nurse

Phoenix James
as Football Player

Denis Khoroshko
as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Sunil Lulla
as co-producer

Shah Rukh Khan
as producer (uncredited)

Atit Shah
as additional assistant director: prep (uncredited)

Alan Tuskes
as special effects costumes

Charles Darby (II)
as creative director

Garman Herigstad
as visual effects

Jeffrey Kleiser
as visual effects supervisor

Debbie Evans (I)
as stunt driver

Gabriel Nunez
as stunt double: Shah Rukh Khan

Rohan Desai (I)
as digital intermediate supervisor

as playback singer

Will Keenan (I)
as development consultant (as William Sees Keenan)

Amit Shekhar
as social media promotion

Jasmine Jaisinghani
as nm4785487
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