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Name Riky Ash
Biography Riky was Born at home in "The Meadows" a very famous and historic part of Nottingham, England, in 1967. The house still stands today, a testament to the quality of the build back then. On leaving school in 1983 Riky vowed to never return as he hated every day. His attendance, however, was exemplary, as he never missed a day of comprehensive school in 5 years.Riky's love of working with wood progressed him into a world of work as a cabinet maker at the age of 15. Again, Riky never missed a day of work and became a highly skilled craftsman learning the fine art of cabinet making, wood carving, and wood turning.In 1988 his life changed for the better when he finally built up the courage to enroll in Kung-Fu classes. Riky had a love of Kung-Fu for many years and decided that if he did not take lessons now he never would. Yet again his dedication to his art was amazing. He attended every lesson available and also trained at home and at work. This was noticed by his Kung-Fu instructor and Riky progressed through his Kung-Fu sashes with ease. In 1989 Riky was chosen to represent Britain in the German open and took first place in the Kung-Fu destruction and second place in the fighting. Riky progressed through the strict ranks of Shaolin Kung- Fu and attained the elite Shaolin Red Sash. To date he is a Sixth Dan Shaolin Kung-Fu expert.It was through this skill in Kung-Fu that progressed him into the world of Stunt work. In 1993 Riky was accepted onto the Elite Equity Stunt register and he progressed through the ranks of Stuntwork and became a Stunt Co-coordinator. He regularly works as a Stuntman, Stunt Co-coordinator and Actor and has amassed over 500 major television and film credits. Riky has also been the face of many High Profile Television Commercials playing the role of "The Tango Man" in the 2002 "Tango" Commercial. Riky has worked on over 75 High Profile Commercials, one of which allowed him to purchase his first home outright with cash from the Repeat Fees.In 2000 Riky found fame with an entry in The Elite Guinness Book Of Records, under the category, "Stunt Heroes" in The Courage Section of the famous book as "The Worlds Most Versatile Stuntman" Riky has Stunt Doubled every Artistes height from 3'6'' right through to 6'4'' and an age range from 6 right up to 90 years of age, both Male and Female. In 2006 Riky was voted onto The Equity Council, the Governing Body of the Actors Union. Riky dedicated six years to this role, making a massive difference, not only to the Stunt Industry also to the Film and Television Industry as a whole.In 2009 Riky was featured in Jamie X Oliver's Business Book "Secret Of My Success"as one of the worlds most successful business people alongside Richard Branson and Bill Gates. Riky has a no nonsense approach to life and business. In 2010, his Self Help book "With Confidence" was Published. Riky's "Make It Happen" Thought Process has brought him Amazing success both in his Stuntwork and in his Personal Life.In 2010 Riky represented the Stunt Register in Court against Revenue and Customs and won a Landmark case which benefited not only Stunt People but all Artistes who work in a Physical Capacity. Riky's Legal Knowledge is Exemplary, having taken Mercedes-Benz to court in 2008 for very poor customer service. His victory led Riky onto a Career as a Speaker, Motivational, Inspirational and Transformational, and today he helps people develop the same amazing Confidence and Self Belief Riky holds.Riky also studies Psychology, and can Psychoanalyze anyone. Riky is also an Expert in Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Alongside a very successful Stunt Career Riky travels around the world as a Speaker. He's known as The Most Outspoken and Outrageous Speaker you will ever have the pleasure of hearing.Not a person to reveal too much of his home life, he likes to keep work and home life completely separate. It is known, however, he has a passion for exotic sports cars and has built up quite a collection.
Birth Place 967
Height 5' 3' (1.60 m)
Movies of Riky Ash
Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi
Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi
as stunt coordinator
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