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Name Rohit Khaitan
Biography Rohit Khaitan is dedicated Media Entrepreneur/Film Producer and the Founder of Glamour Struck Productions,established in 2008. A Commerce graduate from Hansraj College, Delhi, Mr. Khaitan began his career in Media and Entertainment early on, after a brief stint in commercial banking at HSBC Bank. He joined Director Anurag Kashyap in 2005 during the filming of 'No Smoking,' subsequently line producing his next film 'Dev. D' in barely 2 years. Building on his portfolio, Mr. Khaitan ventured into Fashion Production, fast becoming one of India's most notable international fashion producers, credited for making and selling high caliber content for various TV stations and publications, including Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vogue and Grazia in India and internationally. Mr. Khaitan previously held some senior positions in the film industry, notably as Supervising Producer and Creative Producer at NFDC and Balaji Motion Pictures, respectively. Moreover, he has been visiting several film festivals including Cannes, Venice, and Berlin where he was involved with syndication of cinema for the Indian market and fostering international tie-ups.
Height 5' 10'' (1.79 m)
Movies of Rohit Khaitan
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Mumbai Cutting
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as line producer: UK

No Smoking
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No Smoking
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