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Name Runway: Love Among Gun Shots...
Release Date Friday, June 26, 2009
About Movie After masquerading as Advocate Ranjan Verma, Allan successfully gains entry to the residence of Mauritius-based Victor and kills him. He then finds out that his passport and identification are missing, and accordingly contacts his boss, Anthony, who asks him to get in touch with a bar dancer, Shaina. After meeting and befriending her, both approach a male named Lala, who agrees to procure a passport within 24 hours. While waiting for the documents, he narrates his story to Shaina that he was compelled to become an assassin in order to save the life of his future wife, Melvyna, who has been hospitalized for being a drug addict. After obtaining the passport, Shaina drops him off at the airport - but is in for a huge surprise when she will find her confidence betrayed and Allan, for mysterious reason(s), is still in Mauritius.
Genre Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Runway: Love Among Gun Shots...
Tulip Joshi
Tulip Joshi
as Shaina
Sharat Saxena
Sharat Saxena
as Anthony

Haniif Sheikh
as action director (as Hanif)

Kay Kay
as playback singer (as K.K.)
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