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Name Sab Kuch Hai Kuch Bhi Nahin
Release Date Friday, April 15, 2005
About Movie After his first novel 'Light House' flops, wealthy, Delhi-based Akash Dev, with the help of his editor, Khanna, decides to travel to a small village, Shivpura, to meet with Gandhian Jayshankar Chaube, and write something controversial about Mahatma Gandhi. On the way, he bids adieu to his girlfriend, Komal Malhotra, whose mother, Shanti, disapproves of him, and goes on his way. Before reaching Shivpura, his jeep breaks down near Palanpur and he takes it to a nearby mechanic, who turns out to be incompetent. To makes matters worse, Akash's luggage is stolen, and he gets stranded in a town where even the phone does not work. He tries to impress everyone that he knows a lot of influential politicians in Delhi, who live in the neighborhood of Chanakyapuri, but gets caught up in a challenge to built a road, and romantically involved with the Village Mukhiya's arrestingly beautiful daughter, Akansha. Now Akash must come up with ways to live up to this challenge, and he will find that none ...
Genre Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Sab Kuch Hai Kuch Bhi Nahin

Puja Gupta (I)
as Komal N. Malhotra (as Puja)

A.K. Hangal
as Narayan Prasad
Pramod Moutho
Pramod Moutho
as Mukhiya Sadanand (as Pramod Muthu)
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