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Name Sana (I)
Date Of Birth Wednesday, April 26, 1972
Biography Sana is an innovative, enterprising and extremely talented artist who has made her mark in Film Acting emerging from Lollywood and entering the International scenario with a bang. Her career took off with her mega hit movie "Yeh Dil Aap ka hua" and since then she has not looked back. She is now amongst the best artists that Pakistan has produced and the Asian Industry has seen and has won lots of awards for her performances over the years. Sana as a person is extremely talented and hardworking and according to her she loves her work and takes it as her passion. She describes herself to be a straight and down to earth person who is concerned with her work primarily and someone with lots of ambitions and the energy to fulfill those also. She loves Riding , Sports swimming and squash. Some of Sana's International Coworkers are off the view that She is really an actress with a lot of talent and depth and they love working with her as she is most hassle free actress, enthusiastic and ready to experiment.
Original Name Sana Nawaz
Birth Place Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Movies of Sana (I)

as Palvisha (as Sana Nawaz)
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