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Name Sau Jhooth Ek Sach
Release Date Friday, September 16, 2005
About Movie An unknown pregnant girl has ended her life by hanging herself from ceiling fan in a room of a little known hutment of Mumbai. In middle of the night, an uninvited Inspector lands in the house of an eminent Industrialist to investigate the case. Baffled by suggestion of being linked with the incident and shocked by the thought of being responsible for death of a person surviving at the outermost fringe of their vision of society, Vikrant Pradhan and his family give in to the interrogation reluctantly. As the evening turns into night and as the night grows deeper and deeper, the questions posed by Inspector Vivek prod to uncover some of the darkest secrets held within minds of every member of Pradhan family. As if under a hypnotic spell of Inspector Vivek, every individual makes a journey through dark and remote corridors of their mind. As if hazy layers of time subside to play images after images from the past. As if Inspector Vivek holds a magical mirror in front of every member to ...
Genre Drama, Thriller
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Sau Jhooth Ek Sach

Pankaj Kapur
as (dialogue)

Bappaditya Roy (I)
as (screenplay)

as Inspector Vivek
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