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Name Shindo Ki Rodriguez
Biography Born Monday, May 31st, 1982, that day being Memorial Day, Shindo-Ki Rodriguez came into the lives of his Puerto Rican mother and father, and a world filled with adventures and all kinds of challenges.As a child Shindo had an interest in acting, sports, and Martial arts. At the age of ten, his father noticed Shindo's interest in Martial Arts and the ability to learn and perfect certain moves given to him to learn. The style created and taught to him is Shindo Goju Ryu. From the ages of 15 to 20, Shindo participated in several tournaments, sometimes fighting older boys or men, always bringing home a 1st or 2nd place trophy. Shindo always looked up to his father for his styles in Martial Arts, as well as Jackie Chan's, Steven Seagal's and Jet Li's. In 2010, Shindo was recognized and honored as the 1st Brown Belt Martial Artist in the Martial Arts Hall of Honor.Shindo attended La Salle High School in New York, graduating in the year 2001. From the beginning of his high school years, his friends saw that Shindo was not a person to cause or tolerate trouble. His friends and parents showed him what street life was all about, and advised him to keep his nose clean, because they were all going to be watching him. To this day, Shindo is grateful for the lessons they taught him. Shindo started to realize he wanted to engage himself in writing poetry. He started writing poetry during his free time, and whenever he could squeeze it in, filling four notebooks with his work. After someone close to him, at that time, asked to borrow his notebooks to read his work, this person never had the decency to return the notebooks back to Shindo. This was one painful lesson Shindo endured. He took a break from writing and began to focus on watching martial arts movies, absorbing and imitating what he saw, practicing the martial arts lessons taught to him in the Dojo he attended, and practicing the style his teacher was creating for him.Shindo attended John Jay College, graduating in 2006, with a Bachelor in Police Studies and Minor in English. However, his dream, interest and passion remained in acting and writing. As difficult as it was for his parents to accept his career path, they learned to deal with his decision and support him in whichever way they could, as well as his ex-girlfriend for 6 years. During this time, Shindo wrote four books, such as, Story of a Leader, Foreplay, A Windy Journey, and Shindo's Book of Poems. He was also interviewed on a couple of Public Access programs, Lehman College Newspaper, and most recently on Quisqueya 89.7 FM, a radio station for the Latino community.Shindo's curiosities lead him into the film industry producing low budgeting short story films such as Five Imaginary Fighters, Fast Choices, and A Fools Love. As a side kick, he also created and produced a video on Martial Arts Self Defense found on 2011 to present, Shindo has been hired to work as a background actor for Lights Out, Weekends at Bellevue, A Gifted Man, The Dictator, The Dark Knight Rises, English Vinglish, NYC 22, Broken City, Law & Order SVU, Smash, Blue Bloods, and The Following. Apart from acting in films and pilots, Shindo was also casted as one of the characters in the 2012 Halloween Blood Manor in New York City.
Height 5' 6' (1.68 m)
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English Vinglish
as Pedestrian (uncredited)
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