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Name Taarzan: The Wonder Car
Release Date Friday, August 6, 2004
About Movie Devesh (Ajay Devgan) was Raj's father who was a futuristic car designer. He owned an old car, which was passed down to him from his father and he hoped to pass it on to his son, Raj. After many hours designing, he shows his design to a car company owned by four men (Pankaj Dheer, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Shakti Kapoor and Mukesh Tiwari), little did he know that they would turn around and patent the design and take credit for it. In an attempt to get justice, Devesh reports the incident to the police and later finds out the hard way that the police officer was part of the deception. After Devesh confronts the men, they fight and Devesh is knocked out and left unconscious. The men decide to place him in his car and dump the car in the nearby lake. Devesh drowns to death leaving behind his mother and his young son. A few years pass by and Raj has grown up and enters college. Raj is a simple looking, geeky guy who is made fun of because of the way he looks. He meets Priya (Ayesha Takia) who ...
Genre Musical, Action, Drama, Comedy
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Taarzan: The Wonder Car

Ayesha Takia
as Priya Rakesh Kapoor

Ajay Devgn
as Deven Chaudhary

Shakti Kapoor (I)
as Mahesh Saxena (3rd Partner)

Amrish Puri
as Kartar Singh / Baa Ji

Gulshan Grover
as Inspector Khurana

Kay Kay
as playback singer

Alka Yagnik
as playback singer
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