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Name Talaash
Release Date Friday, November 30, 2012
About Movie The film opens with a car driving by the sea drive, which all of a sudden, screeches to a halt and turns randomly, to break the sidewalk, and fall into the sea. Next day, enter Inspector Surjan Singh Sekhawat, who is the investigating officer. A simultaneous plot reveals that he and his wife are coping with some personal loss of losing their only child, Karan. They have moved to their new home in Mumbai, where, his wife, Roshni is finishing with the unpacking. The doorbell rings, and she find out that it is an elderly lady, who introduces herself as Franny. She asks for some tea, and while Roshni is away into the kitchen, she rummages through the yet unpacked boxes, and finds a family photograph, where she addresses the dead child by his name, and seems happy. Meanwhile, Surjan encounters a sex worker named Rosie, who can shed some light upon the entire mystery.
Genre Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Talaash

Farhan Akhtar (I)
as (dialogue)

Anurag Kashyap
as (additional dialogue)

Aamir Khan
as Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat

Kareena Kapoor
as Rosie / Simran

Rani Mukerji
as Roshni Shekhawat

Raj Kumar Yadav
as Devrath Kulkarni

Farhan Akhtar (I)
as producer

Aamir Khan
as producer

Vinayak Radhakrishnan
as steadicam operator
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