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Name Tell Me O Kkhuda
Release Date Thursday, January 1, 1970
About Movie Feminist author Tanya Kapoor, who lives a wealthy lifestyle in Mumbai with her father, Ravi, a retired army officer, and mother, is presented with an award. While doing research in her home, she comes across a document that shows she was born in Bombay Hospital on August 24, 1986 to unknown parents. She, with the help of boyfriend, Jai Vishal Singh, as well as Kuki, decide to look for her biological father. A search of local municipal records indicate that her father's first name started with 'A', and they set out on a quest that will initially will take them to Pratapgarh in Rajasthan where she will meet with Abhay Rana Pratap Singh as well as his conservative male-child favoring family - who may be involved in a conspiracy of switching babies. Then she will travel all the way to Turkey to meet with Altaf Zardari and his wife, Zainab, who had become mentally unstable wife after being told that her child had perished shortly after being born. And finally to Goa to meet with gangster ...
Genre Action, Crime, Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Tell Me O Kkhuda
Dharmendra (I)
Dharmendra (I)
as Anthony Costello / Tony
Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor
as Altaf Zardari

Esha Deol
as Tanya R. Kapoor

Johnny Lever
as Pandurang P.

as Geeta
Sharat Saxena
Sharat Saxena
as Danny

Salman Khan (I)
as Dancer
Hema Malini
Hema Malini
as producer

Aseem Bajaj
as director of photography
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