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Name The Warrior
Release Date Friday, July 15, 2005
About Movie Circa feudal India in the State of Rajasthan is a desert region that is ruled over by a cruel and sadistic Lord, who, with the help of a handful of equally cruel and fierce warriors, led by Lafcadia, weigh a reign of terror upon those who do not submit or dare to oppose him. Long-haired Lafcadia is widowed but has a son, Katiba. Once when Katiba was by himself, he befriends a young girl, who ties a Raakhee on his hand and makes him her brother, and in return he gives her his amulet. When the Lord asks Lafcadia to subdue the villagers of Tarang, they carry out his orders. After the raid while Lafcadia stands by, his warriors rape and loot the villagers, it is then that Lafcadia is surprised by the very same young girl, and it is Katiba's amulet that saves her from being killed. This incident has a deep impact on Lafcadia and he decides to give up his job & sword and seek peace in his village in Kullu in the Himalayas. When the Lord finds out, he asks the rest of the warriors to hunt ...
Genre Adventure, Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of The Warrior
Asif Kapadia
Asif Kapadia
as (screenplay)

Irrfan Khan
as Lafcadia - Warrior
Ismail Bashey
Ismail Bashey
as The Warrior (voice)

Jatin Sarma
as boom operator

Agnelo D'Souza
as special effects assistant

Guy Ducker
as assistant editor
Anthony Minghella
Anthony Minghella
as presenter
Amanda Street (I)
Amanda Street (I)
as international sales: FilmFour
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