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Name The White Elephant
Release Date Thursday, November 5, 2009
About Movie On the day of the sacred festival, as was the ritual, Nathan (The Holy Elephant) chooses Shabri (a worthless drunk) as its new keeper. For the chosen one it was a matter of fortune and honor for the rest it was a matter of envy.......Nathan was the holy elephant of the village and the fortunes of its keeper were sure to change. This 'honor' (Nathan) for the poor Shabri, who finds it difficult to provide for his small family, is initially too much to take on. It is Shabri's new found resolve and the holy elephant's allure that enable him to not only face adversity but also defeat the evil powers of the envious village tantric (practitioner of black magic) and the conniving lady (a timber merchant from the neighboring village) who are both trying to steal the holy elephant, for its godly status, from the village. Nathan's loss would have meant devastation for the village. The story of Shabri's resolve to safeguard the village's honor, changing fortunes, the envious eyes, the power of ...
Genre Mystery
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of The White Elephant
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