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Name United Six
Release Date Friday, February 4, 2011
About Movie Kuabla Lumpur-based Jia is employed at the Lloyd's Bank and is picked on by male co-workers. She spends her time drinking alcohol as well as playing video games with five other friends, Tootsie, Maddy, Tia, Candy, and Shania. They decide to break into the bank, and accordingly rent a bakery 'United Cafe', get drilling tools to dig a tunnel right underneath the bank's vault. Their venture is interrupted by an inquisitive policeman who is interested in hooking up with one of them. They manage to avoid him, continue drilling, but eventually panic sets in and they give up and go home. The next day their lives will be shattered when they will find out that the bank had been broken into, 20 Million dollars were robbed - and they are the prime suspects!!
Genre Action, Drama, Thriller
Language Hindi
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