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Name Vajra: The Weapon
Release Date Friday, March 12, 2004
About Movie Sameer and Vijay are two inseparable friends, who lives in a city in India. When Vijay is unable to secure employment for himself, he is subjected to taunts from his father. Unable to stand the abuse, both decide to re-locate to Bombay city, where they meet with a their father's friend, Baban Khan alias Babu Pathan a very influential and powerful underworld Don with a heart of gold. He gets a taxi-cab for them so that they can earn a living. Vijay wants to assist Baban, but is refused on the grounds that this may endanger his life. But when Baban gets killed, Vijay assumes his duties, finds the killers and then himself becomes a target not only by Baban's rivals, Jairam and Vishwas Rao, but by the police themselves, especially ACP Amar Sarang who has several scores to settle with Vijay.
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Vajra: The Weapon

Pramod Moutho
as Vishwas Rao (as Pramod Muthu)
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