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Name Vineesha Arora-Sarin
Biography A writer. A poet. An actress. A costume designer. A director. A producer. And a mom. Vineesha wears many a creative hats.Born in Delhi, Vineesha's family relocated to New York when she was five years old. Quite the academic growing up, Vineesha set quite high standards for herself in school. She was always more creatively inclined and excelled in any form of art. Her mind got her a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pre-Law and Mass Communications with a minor in Psychology, but it was her heart she decided to follow and gave herself a creative license to explore what she wanted to do in the arts. After partaking in various modeling jobs in New York, she soon moved to Mumbai,India, where she enrolled herself in a famous acting institute in December of 1998.Vineesha got her first acting break in a feature film, Supari (2003, directed by Padam Kumar and distributed by Yashraj Films. The movie also starred Uday Chopra, Nandita Das, Purab Kohli, Nauheed Cyrusi, Rahul Dev and Irrfan Khan. Even though the movie wasn't received so well at the box office, Vineesha was noticed and her acting prowess was quite the talk of town.Vineesha's ultimate goal was to become a writer-director and wrote many poems and stories for a hobby until one day, after a chance meeting with her idol, Al Pacino, on Broadway in 2003. She was determined to write a compelling script for Pacino, hence turned to script writing and preponed her plans of becoming a filmmaker. It was then that The End of Karma was borne - her dream project.In 2005, Vineesha wrote, produced and directed her first short film "The Right World," depicting the bias in the world towards anything "right". For instance, "right answer," "righteous," "you're right," all signify a positive connotation, where as "left overs," "two left feet," or "left-handed compliment," signify a negative connotation. In politics, The Leftists are Nazis, extremists, Communists, whereas the Right winged are liberals and conservatives, the "normal." She questions in the film why this bias exists across the different realms of society. It was showcased in several international film festivals.Soon after, again, as chance would have it, she got an offer from a top diamond jewelry house, Goenka Jewels & Diamonds, to conceive and direct an ad campaign for their new diamond line for the youth, GWild. Vineesha shot an impactful print campaign with a modest crew of five in Cape Town, South Africa. It was then that Vineesha started NY Studios with husband Amit Sarin. Post GWild, Vineesha-Amit worked as a creative director-producer team, respectfully, and churned out several path-breaking, edgy productions that had an international appeal to them, and this soon became NY Studios' trademark.Vineesha made NY Studios as multi-faceted as her own personality, and soon found success in all sorts of productions, ranging from international concerts and events, to ads and shorts, and even film marketing. In 2009, Vineesha again pushed the envelope and took 10 Indian television celebrities to the world-famous Rogers Center, Toronto, for a first-time ever ticketed concert for TV stars, called Heartthrobs. The event was a mammoth success and NY Studios soon became an event company to reckon with as well.But her creative side was still at unrest and she took up yet another challenge as a costume designer for the superhit Tamil film Podaa Podi (2012), to hone and fine tune her skills to become a resourceful and creative filmmaker one day.
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as Saraswati (as Nisha Arora)
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