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Mr.Pitchai Pazham
Udayappan Kudieruppu
Sreeman Narayana Swamy Temple, Maniketti Pottal Post, Nagercoil - 629501, Kanyakumari Dist.




Udayappan kudierupu, Our TEMPLE is in Udayappan Kudieruppu(Nager Coil) is a place, where u can live safely , special in U K is Sreeman Narayana Swamy Temple, we are all really proud to be born in this village, God is 10th avathar of MahaVishnu, celebration day in tamil every Aany 1st to 11th, totally 11 days festivel. à®à®¯à¯à®¯à®¾à®µà¯à®à¯à®£à¯à®à®°à®¿à®©à¯ வாழà¯à®à¯à®à¯ வரலாற௠à®à®¯à¯à®¯à®¾à®µà¯à®à¯à®£à¯à®à®°à¯,à®à®±à¯à®µà®©à¯ à®à®²à®¿ யà¯à®à®¤à¯à®¤à¯ à®à®´à®¿à®¤à¯à®¤à¯ தரà¯à®® யà¯à®à®¤à¯à®¤à¯ மலரà®à¯à®à¯à®¯à¯à®¯ à®à®à¯à®¤à¯à®¤ மன௠à®à®µà®¤à®¾à®°à®®à¯ à®à®© à®à®¯à¯à®¯à®¾à®µà®´à®¿ பà¯à®°à®¾à®£ வரலாற௠à®à¯à®±à¯à®à®¿à®±à®¤à¯. à®à®¯à¯à®¯à®¾à®µà®´à®¿ பà¯à®°à®¾à®£à®¤à¯à®¤à®¿à®©à¯ à®®à¯à®²à®®à®¾à® à®à®à®¿à®²à®¤à¯à®¤à®¿à®°à®à¯à®à¯ à®à®®à¯à®®à®¾à®©à¯ விளà®à¯à®à¯à®à®¿à®±à®¤à¯.

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