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No.13, 3rd Cross, S.R.S Road, Peenya, Bengaluru, Bangalore 560058, Karnataka


INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURERS (INDIA) - Precision Swiss Type Turning & Sliding Head Automat Cams

Contract manufacturer of precision auto turned parts & components on Swiss Type Sliding Head Automats, with sizes from 1mm to 25mm diameter, from raw materials as diverse as steels, stainless steels, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and titanium, all with an ultra close manufacturing tolerance, based in Peenya, Bangalore.

- Cam Design & Manufacturing service for Sliding Headstock Machines / Swiss Type Auto Lathes such as Petermann, Tornos
- Calculation of cam profile for Headstock, Rocker Arm, Vertical & 13-Y Drilling / Threading cams, tool positions layout, cycle time, cam marking for Automatic Turning Machinery, CNC
- Manufacturer of high precision cams

High Precision Cam Manufacturing Service

TORNOS - M4 / T4 / M7 / MS7 / M10 / R10 / R125 / M15
TORNOS - R16 / R20 / RR20 / M20 / M25 / M28 / M30 / MR32
PETERMANN - P3 / P4 / P7 / P7R / P10 / P16 / P16R / P20 / P20R / P25 / P25R etc

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