Samsung camera SMX-C20

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ARUNDHUTINAGAR, West Tripura, Agartala


Samsung SMX-C20 is the flash memory based, standard definition, entry-level camcorder, which has novel and functional collection of features. If you are on budget or donât have HD TV experience then it suppose to be a good choice, otherwise the video quality is average. Samsung SMX-C20 is the cost-effective camcorder that costs approachable. This Samsung camcorder is so compact and light weight. Itâs easy to operate and handy camcorder but quite thicker. The lens is directed towards north that creates less strain on your arms. This standard definition Samsung camcorder features 1/6inches CCD sensor and captures videos in 7200x480pixles resolution counts. It has intelli-Studio software and H.264 format offers quick and easy sharing. The record button feels feeble while use. For more details please visit website www. Posted ID

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