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Master The Art Of Handling Business Intelligence Software With Cognos Online Training<br /> <br /> <br /> Cognos is software that is used for Performance Management and Business Intelligence. This software was first introduced by an Ontario-based company named Ottawa in the year 1969. But the company was acquired later acquired by IBM in the year 2008. Presently the updated version of the software referred to as Cognos 10 is used by the professionals. This software makes access of business information easy. The architecture of this software helps the users to extract the required data, analyze them and also assemble reports regarding the same without having much technical knowledge. The main aim of this BI software is to cater appropriate information in the right time.<br /> <br /> <br /> Contact numbers : +91 88013 86489 (India)<br /> +1 339 368 6489 (USA)<br /> <br />

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