Timer Starter and Timer for Pump-set

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We launched new Timer and Timer Starter for agriculture pump set AC & DC Motors. This timer starter and Timer, automatically Switches on/off the well Mono or submerged motor. Fully Micro controller programed system. it's adjust the voltage fluctuation(High and Low Voltage).so farmer can avoid their spoilage of motor.
There are so many features available in our system. it costs low price.

System Features
1.Fixed Timers
2.Add timers
3.Active Mode
4.Reset all mode
5.Set time
6.Delete timers
7.Timer snooze
8.adjust mode
9.Manuel Start Auto off.
10.LCD Display
11.Low and High voltage controller
12. 5.volt processor
13.One day mode
14.Daily Repeat mode
15. 2 days once mode
16. 3 days once mode
17. 4 days once mode
18. 5 days once mode
19. user can store 40 timers, Each mode can store 10 timers.

With 1 year guaranty.

Product Price:1500.RS only
We offer discount when customer take more than 10 units.
We need Product buyers and dealers.

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