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Cuddalore District is a district of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. The city of Cuddalore is the district headquarters.

The district has an area of 3,564 km² and a population of 2,285,395. It is bounded on the north by Viluppuram District, on the east by the Bay of Bengal, on the south by Nagapattinam District, and on the west by Perambalur District.

It is 33.01% urbanised as per Census 2001.

The district has a literacy of 71.85%. This is low by the standards of Tamil Nadu.

In Cuddalore District, there are 6 taluks, 13 Blocks, 5 Municipalities and 16 Town Panchayats


The    history   of    the    systematic administration   of   the  Land   Revenue of   erstwhile      South Arcot District  begins  with  the   acquisition from the Nawab  in  1801, when the Nawab made  over  the Carnatic  to  the  Company , Captain   Graham  was  appointed  to   take charge  of the  District  lying  between Palar and Portonovo rivers  and  become the   first Collector South Arcot.

The then district consisted of the 21 Taluks of Arcot, Vellore, Thiruvathur, Polur, Arani     (  The  Jagir  of  that name  )  Wandiwash, Chetpet ,  Thiruvannamalai ,  Gingee ,Tindivanam , Valudavur,  Villupuram , Anniyur ,  Tirukoilur ,  Thiruvennainallur , Tiruvadi ,  Elavanasur, Kallakurichi , Vridhachalam ,  Tittagudi  and  Bhuvanagiri but excluded the form of Fort St.David and the territory of Pondicherry, both of which had been separately acquired and were separately administered. In April 1805, the then  Taluk  of   Mannarkudi  ( which is included  in  what  is  now  known  as Chidambaram )  was added from Tiruchirapalli  to  this  huge  charge.

In 1808, However Arcot, Vellore, Thiruvathur ,  Polur ,  and   Arani   Jagir   were transferred to North  Arcot  and  Wandiwash to Cheingelput  while  the  Fort  St.David  and Pondicherry  villages    (which at different time had  been  under  both,  the  Collector and the commercial   resident  at  Cuddalore)  were incorporated with the District. In 1816, Pondicherry was finally restored to the French and erstwhile South Arcot assumed practically its position.    Cuddalore  ,   which is   District Headquarters for South Arcot District for more than a century. This has been mentioned everywhere in the history. The present Cuddalore District has been formed on 30.9.1993.

In puraana this district is described as part of Sri. Rama Khetra. This district is a primitive one. Vridhachalam is an  example where mountain once prevailed disappeared at times.Historic evidence available from madras district gazetteers south arcot published in 1962 reveals that the name ‘Arcot’ derived from Tamil ‘Aaru kadu’ i.e. six forests which was said to be the abode of six rishis. This district in Tamil called ‘Thondai Nadu’ and in particular ‘Nadu Naadu ’.   It has a speciality ‘ Saandror udaithu’ i.e great and elite personalities possession of the district.

To prove it saivaite pathmakers Thirunaukkarasu, Sundarar born in this district. Maikaudar one of the sithas out of eighteen born in this district. This district is proud of possessing as birth place of Vallalar Ramalingar.

Ovvaiyar, the Tamil poetess gave in marriage angavai, sangavai, the daughters of pari the vallal in Tirukoilur to the king Deiviekan.

The famous typical and universal logic temple of Sri Natarajan is situated in this district. It is an interesting subject to scientists and innovators to research on the dancing postage of Lord Sri. Nataraja.  

North Latitude between 15o 5'/11o 11’ and 12o 35’

East Longitude between 78 o 38’ and 80o


1. Maximum Temp: 36.8 C

2. Minimum  Temp: 19.9 C


The town is well-known for its temples. The most famous of these is the temple of Shiva, one of the three principal deities of Hinduism. The incarnation of Shiva at Cuddalore is called Padaleeshwarar. The temple itself is located in Thiruppadirippuliyur. Chidambaram, a town, known for dance and temples, is only 43 km away from Cuddalore. Cuddalore has famous Vaishnavite temples in and around the town. Tiruvaheendirapuram, the Sacred Abode of Lord DEVANATHA, is one of the ancient Vaishnavite temples and also one of the 108 Vaishnavite shrines sanctified by the visit of the great Alwars and Acharyas, held in great reverence by the devotees. This place is one of the two Nadunattu Tirupathis. It is situated 7 km west of Tirupapuliyur (Cuddalore New Town) Railway Station. Srimushnam is located 31 km from Chidambaram(Cuddalore). Srimushnam is the famous Vaishnava temple of Bhuvaraha. This is one of the eight Vaishava shrines. The image in the temple is self created (Swayam Vyakta) representing the Varaha Avataar (an incarnation of the Hindu God MahaVishnu). The original image in marble is said to have been taken away by Krishna Deva Wodeyar of Mysore and installed at Srirangapatna.

Thevara Padal Petra Kovil

 Chozha Naadu [North of River Kaveri]

    * Natarajar Temple at Chidambaram (1st Kovil)
    * Pasupateswarar Temple at Thiruvetkalam (2nd Kovil)
    * Uchinathar Temple at Thirunelvayil (3rd Kovil)
    * Paalvanna Naathar Temple at Thirukkazhippalai (4th Kovil)
    * Patanjali Nathar Temple at Omampuliyur (31st Kovil)
    * Tuyartheerthanathar Temple at Thirukkaanaattumulloor (32nd Kovil)
    * Soundareswarar Temple at Thirunaarayur (33rd Kovil)
    * Amritaghateswarar Temple at Kadambur (34th Kovil)
    * Natarajar Temple at Neyveli

 Nadu Naadu

    * Theerthapureeswarar Temple at Thiruvattaturai (1st Kovil)
    * Sudarkozhuntheesar Temple at Pennaagadam (2nd Kovil)
    * Nerikkattunayakar Temple at Goodalaiyatrur (3rd Kovil)
    * Swetargavaneswarar Temple at Erukkattampuliyur (4th Kovil)
    * Sivakkozhuntheeswarar Temple at Tiruttinai Nagar (5th Kovil)
    * Mangalapureeswarar Temple at Tiruchopuram (6th Kovil)
    * Veerateswarar Temple at Thiruvathikai (7th Kovil)
    * Vridhagireeswarar Temple Vridhachalam (9th Kovil)
    * Pasupateeswarar Temple at Thirutturaiyur (15th Kovil)
    * Vaamaneswarar Temple at Thirumaanikkuzhi (17th Kovil)
    * Paataleeswarar Temple at Thiruppaatirippuliyur (18th Kovil)
    * Devanathaswamy Temple at Thiruvandipuram, Cuddalore

 Tourist Place

    * Silver Beach at Devanampatinam (Cuddalore)
    * Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) at Neyveli
    * Pichavaram, one of the world's largest mangrove forests
    * Thirumutam Boovaraga Suwami Temple Thirumutam
    * Vadalur Vallalar Kovil
    * Kurinjipadi Subraya's shrine
    * Vijayanagara architecture at Vengadampet

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