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West Kameng District is surrounded by Tibet Region in the North, Bhutan in the West, Tawang District and East Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh are in the North West and East respectively. The southern boundary adjoins Sonitpur District and Darrang District of Assam. Best time to  visit the district is April to May and Mid September to November.


The name of the district is derived from the Kameng River, a tributary of Brahmaputra that flows through this district. By a Government of India ‘Notification of 1914,’ the area covered by this district, became a part of the ‘Western Section’ of the ‘North East Frontier Tract’ to which the entry of the British subject was regulated by an ‘Inner Line’. By a Government of India ‘Notification of 1914,’ the area covered by this district, became a part of the ‘Western Section’ of the ‘North East Frontier Tract’ to which the entry of the British subject was regulated by an ‘Inner Line’.

In 1919, this tract was renamed as the ‘Balipara Frontier tract,’ having its headquarter at Charduar of Assam. In 1946, the district area was curved out of the Balipara, with the name of ‘Sela Sub-Agency’ and it’s headquarter continued to be ‘Charduar’ of Assam. In 1954, Sela Sub-Agency was renamed as the ‘Kameng Frontier Division’ and its headquarter was later transferred to Bomdila.

Like other parts of North East Frontier Agency (NEFA), it was also under the ‘Ministry of External Affairs’ and over all in-charge of the district was a ‘Political Officer,’ later on Kameng Frontier Division was renamed as ‘Kameng District’ and the Political Officer was redesignated as ‘Deputy Commissioner’.On 1st June 1980, Kameng District was again bifurcated into ‘East Kameng District’ and ‘West Kameng District’.

East Kameng District was formed, covering the area of the Seppa subdivision and rest of the area of erstwhile Kameng district was placed under the West Kameng District. Finally, on 6th October 1984, West Kameng District was once again, bifurcated and by curving out, the area of Tawang Subdivision. And at last, Tawang District was formed.


      West Kameng is a district of Arunachal Pradesh in India. It accounts for 8.86% of the total area of the state. Under Chinese sovereignty claim, West Kameng falls under the jurisdiction of Cuona County of Shannan Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The name is derived from the Kameng River, a tributary of the Brahmaputra that flows through the district.

      West Kameng lies approximately between 91° 30' to 92° 40' East longitudes and 26° 54' to 28° 01' North latitudes. The district shares an international border with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the west, Tawang District in the northwest, and East Kameng district in the east. The southern border is shared with Sonitpur district and Darrang district of Assam.


The topography of the district is mostly mountainous. A greater part of it falls within the higher mountain zone, consisting of a mass of tangled peaks and valleys. In West Kameng there are three principle mountain chains - part of Sela range, Bomdila range and Chaku range. The Sela range consists of a series of mountains arranged in the form of a big line from Tibet in the north to Bhutan in the west and thus forming a tough terrain to pass through. The altitude of Sela range varies from 14,000 to 15,000 feet and Sela pass is 13,714 feet high. The Bomdila range has an average height of 9000 feet. South of Bomdila range lies the Chaku range (foot-hills range) having hills of quite low altitudes and is full of tropical forests with trees of great economic value and various types of wild game.


Tenga, Bichom and Dirang Chu are the main rivers flowing through the district. All these rivers are tributaries of the river Kameng which flows through Bhalukpong circle of the district and joins the river Brahmaputra in plains of Assam.


The inhabitants of the district comprises mainly of Monpa (Dirang, Boot, Lish, and Kalaktang monpa), Miji (Sajalong), Sherdukpen, Aka, and Bugun (Khawa). The Monpas belong to the Tibeto-Mongoloid stock and are the largest tribe of the district, inhabiting mainly in Dirang and Kalaktang circles. The Mijis are settled in Nafra and Akas in Thrizino circle. The Khawas inhabit the Wanghoo, Kaspi, Singchung and Tenga areas. The Sherdukpens are mainly settled in 4 villages of Rupa, Jigaon, Shergaon, Thongre and also in Doimara area. By and large the inhabitants are Buddhists though Akas, Khawas and Mijis believe in indigenous religion and follow partly Buddhist and Hindu practices. Every tribe has its own society and village council.


     Area                    7,422 km² (2,866 sq mi)
     Head Quarter             Bomdila
     Population             74,595 (2001)
     Density                10.05/km² (26/sq mi)
     Sex ratio              1.34 (2001)
     Literacy rate            61.67%
     Decennial growth rate  32.21 (1991-2001)
     Road length            1339 km (1998)

Tourist Place

BOMDILA : The Gonpa, Craft Centre, District Museum,Sport Complex,& Losar Festival (February)are the main attractions.The distance is 102 KM from Bhalukpong.Bus Services and Taxis are available.Accommodation is provided at Circuit House (PWD),Circuit House (Annx),Tourist Lodge (Tourism Department) for Govt. officials at the rate Rs. 50/- day(subject to prior booking & availiblity of accomodation.

Hotel Siphyang Phong is the most primier hotel with 23 rooms with a rate of Rs.650 to Rs.750 per day with bar& restaurant facilities.Hotel Pine Ridge,Hotel Passang,Hotel La,Hotel Dawa,Hotel Yatri Niwas&Hotel Sweet are the other hotels with a rate ranging from Rs.200 to Rs 300.Tour operators registered are Himalayan Holidays, Pine Ridge,Advance Tours and Travel,Seven, Sister Safari & Shambala.Climate is warm in summer cold in winter.

DIRANG: The Altitude of Dirang is 1497m / 4910ft.The Regional Apple Nursery, Kiwi Farm, Angling,Yak Research Centre, Gonpa, Dirang Jong (Fort), Base camp for trekking, Sight Seeing & Hot Water Spring are the main attractions at Dirang. Distance is 45 KM from Bomdila. Bus and Taxis are readily available. Inspection Bungalow (PWD), Tourist Lodge, Anchal Samiti Lodge & Private Lodge in the range of Rs100 +

SANGTI: The sheep breeding farm,Scenic Beauty spots & picnic spots are the main attractions here.Distance is 12 KM from DirangBus & Taxi services are readily available.Accommodation is provided at Inspection Bunglow (Vet.) at the rate of Rs.100.00.Climate is warm in summer cold in winter.

SELA PASS: The altitude is 4114m / 13494 ft. Its famous for high altitude lakes& scenic beauty& is ideal for ice skating during winter. Bangajung Gonpa is the main budhist cultural centre here. Distance is 100KM from Bomdila. Bus services & Taxis are available from Bomdila & Dirang. Accommodation is provided at a Rest House. Weather is cold in summer & snow falls during winter

SANGE: Sange is famous for its scenic beauty and its the base camp for going to Sela Pass. Distance is 80KM from Bomdila. Bus&Taxis services are available from Bomdila & Dirang. Accommodation is provided at Inspection of Bungalow (PWD) at a Rs 100 a day. Tourist Lodge is being constructed by the State Tourism Department and is nearing completion. Climate is warm in summer andcold in winter. Snow falls during winter.

BHALUKPONG: The Altitude is 213m / 699 ft. The Cane House, Angling,Wild Life,View Points River rafting, Burn Rice (Dizling) and picnic spots. Distance is 40 km. from Tezpur. Buses & Taxis readily available from Tezpur & Bomdila are also locally available. Accomodation is available at the Inspection Bungalow (PWD), Inspection Bungalow (IFCD), Hotel Ama Yangri, Hotel Eshwar, Hotel East West, Hotel Seema & at the Staging Hut (RWD) at the rate of Rs.100 a day. Weather is hot in summer cold in winter.

TIPPI: The Orchid center, Waterfall , Distillery , Bottling Plant,Cold Storage, Resin Factory (Nafra Chemicals)& Citronella Factory are the main attractions here. Distance is 4 KM from Bhalukpong. Bus services&Taxis(Rs.50 from Bhaklukpong are available .Accommodation is available at the Forest Rest House at the rate Rs. 100.00.Weather is hot in summer and warm in winter.Foggy weather is for most of the months.

NECHIPHU (Zero Point): The altitude is 1708m / 5602 ft. Paragliding & View Points are the main features. Distance is 52 KM from Bhalukpong.Bus & taxi sevices are available from Bomdila,T ezpur & Bhalukpong.However there is no accommodation.

JAMIRI: Fishing, Picnic spots, Megalithic stone& Rock climbing are the main attractions.Distance is 67 KM from Bhalukpong.Accomodation is available at the Inspection Bungalow (PWD) at a rate of Rs.100. Bus and Taxis available.Weather is warm in summer and cold in winter.

RUPA: (Simmering Silver Valley ): Particulars: The altitude of Rupa is 1408m / 4618 ft. Angling, Views of natural Valley, Gompa & the Wild life sanctuary (Near Singchung) are the main attractions. Distance is 77 KM from Bhalukpong. Accommodation is available at Inspection Bungalow (PWD), Inspection Bungalow (RWD), Hotel Arohi (Private) & Sawme Hotel (Private). Climate is warm in summer and Cold in winter.

Rupa (Original name Tukpan) was given by the first outsider who happened to be an army officer. He was leading his men into the valley of Shertukpen people. Full of natural greenery, the whole mountain ranges were mostly covered with evergreen pines and junipers with a sprinkling of seasonal leaf shedders, thorny shrubs, wild flowers and fruits and above all natural orchids that sprouted on tree branches and rocks. The place, located in the middle of four mountains had a splash big flat land but what strike the traveler most was the sight of two rivers that runs on the both side of village which joined at the very edge of the valley.

SHERGAON: The altitude is 1954m / 6409 ft. Angling, Fish Farm, Apple Orchard, View of natural valley & rockclimbing are the main attractions.Distance is 60 KM from Bomdila.Bus services and Taxis are available.Accommodation is provided at the Inspection of Bungalow(PWD) .It warm in summer and cold in winter.

MORSHING: Morshing has one of the oldest Gompa ,The Lhagayala Gonpa built in the 7th Century AD. It has breathe taking view of the natural valley. Various track and routes here are as old as even 400 years . Distance is 87 KM from Bomdila. Bus services & Taxis available from Bomdila & Rupa.Accommodation is available at the Inspection of Bungalow (PWD) .Climate is warm in summer and cold in winter

TENZINGANG: The Tibetan Settlement area owes its attractions to The Tantric University, Carpet Industries & The Gyuto Monastery. Distance is about 80 KM from Bomdila.Bus services & Taxis are available from Bomdila & Rupa.Accomodation is available at the Inspection of Bungalow (PWD) at the rate of Rs .100.Climate is warm in summer and cold in winter.

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